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NameCheap Web Hosting was founded in the year 2000 by Richard Kirkendall. NameCheap has proved its niche as one of the biggest registrars in the world and has garnered immense popularity for its domain registration and management service. Laterally, with this sphere they have also marked themselves as a major web hosting service managing 3 million clients and 11 million domains. Along, with this immense success as a leading webhosting company it also provides with the full gamma Linux hosting solutions: shared, managed WordPress, virtual and dedicated servers.

NameCheap Review

NameCheap Web Hosting works on the premise of providing affordable access to everything you require in order to run a website since, it believes that internet presence is a necessity for all. In addition, to the domain and web hosting packages they also vend SSL Certificates, privacy protection services, etc.

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The NameCheap Web hosting comes complete as a package with number of distinct and fascinating features, given below are some of them:

Following are the major advantages of using Namecheap Web hosting:

UPTIME OF 99.99%

Uptime being one of the most significant aspect of a web hosting company, NameCheap Web Hosting is one of the few companies which offer a guaranteed 100% uptime and a compensation if it does not meet the expectations. However, in the recent times they have changes the offer to 99.9% which appears to be quite realistic in nature.


NameCheap Web Hosting has a 30-day money back guarantee and one can get their entire amount refunded if they are not happy or satisfied with the services.


NameCheap Web Hosting provides a surprising offer with innumerable benefits in their basic plan. Their cheapest plans consist of unmetered bandwidth along with access to standard feature like cPanel access as well as apps such as WordPress. The facility of twice a week backup is a huge support in extreme cases.

Likewise, their 50 MySQL databases is another astonishing and alluring offer in surplus to the option of setting up three websites on this plan wherein, significantly majority of the host offer only 1 website. The provision of providing 50 email addresses to people is cannot be side-lined.


Name Cheap provides an excellent migration offer which is not only free but also hassle unrestricted simple and pretty straightforward. If we plan to move our existing cPanel from somewhere else to NameCheap, we only need to provide the cPanel link to the NameCheap web hosting technicians and they will sort out the entire process for us.

Moreover, if we purchased a hosting for the duration of a year and are not satisfied with our site migration method, we can receive another year with free hosting offer.


Unlike many other companies NameCheap does not show a striking change in renewable rate. Rather the fee remains the same as earlier.

Here are the disadvantages of using NameCheap Web Hosting:


The setting up of SSL certificate is difficult and it becomes quite inconvenient for the beginners to keep pace with it. The level of complexity increases to such an extent that one might require an external help. Also, there are certain aspects of dashboard which are difficult to find.


NameCheap Web Hosting has a limited storage space for both of its smallest and largest plan. It provides a storage space of 20 GB for three websites and 50 GB of SSD space which altogether looks pretty decent. However, many competitors put no restriction or a realistic limit on the space that could be used by an account.


The speed of NameCheap Web Hosting is okay but not very satisfactory since a lot of other firms provides a speed which is far greater than what is provided at NameCheap.


The customer support service seems to be quite lacklustre and sloppy. The FAQs on the website are informative and helpful contrary to live chat support system. One can easily connect with the live chat system but they on a usual basis rather than helping the customer typically send a knowledge-based article and expect one to decode it themselves. The customer service is not only lacking in communication skills but only on the front of willingness to help.


The company have their data centres only on Phoenix, Arizona and a collocation server in the UK unlike other companies who handle at least two data centres on their own. The lack of data centres can degrade the performance slightly. With an existing slow and average speed this feature makes a significant impact on our web hosting. 

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USD monthly

SAVE 50% 

on 1st year

(Was $2.88)



USD monthly

SAVE 25% 

on 1st month

(Was $11.88)



USD monthly

SAVE 10% 

on 1st year

(Was $18.88)



USD monthly

SAVE 21% 

on 1st month

(Was $63.88)

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NameCheap Review
NameCheap provides a surprising offer with innumerable benefits in their basic plan. NameCheap has a 30-day money back guarantee and one can get their entire amount refunded if they are not happy or satisfied with the services.


  • Fair renewable rate
  • Free site migration
  • Innumerable benefits in their basic plan
  • 30-day money back guarantee


  • Limited storage space
  • Limited data centres
  • Customer support service seems to be quite lacklustre


  • Speed 3.9/5
  • Services 3.5/5
  • Uptime 3.5/5
  • Customer Support 3.2/5

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