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BigRock Hosting is one of the largest and most prominent hosts in the Indian market with over six million domain names. Engaging with one of the best data centre locations in the country. One can always look up to BigRock which has proven its niche in this competitive sector by providing lightning-fast performance and unshakable security. In accompany with a strong hold towards its users also shares a fair share features which make it a good choice.

BigRock Review

BigRock Web Hosting has enabled to spectacularly hold people from diverse domains, from lone-wolfs to vast businesses by offering plans and add-ons. On a larger frame BigRock Hosting appears to be a flexible host which has the capability to accommodate almost everyone. With its generous amount of features the company has unrestrictive garners a reputation in the market.

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Below are its few listed Bigrock Hosting Facts:

Following are the major advantages of using BigRock hosting:


BigRock Hosting has the lowest price in the market especially in the context of shared hosting which makes it highly suitable for small businesses. However, the price of VPS hosting is not the most viable price yet, is lot better than the options available in the market. The overall price of the sites is pretty decent.


The support system of the company is quite affordable with a notable knowledge base and is dedicated towards getting your work done. One also, gets to connect with an interactive guide who is available only for the members and is capable enough to solve majority of the problems. Also, one can always connect to support via email, phone or live chat which is also quite helpful.


BigRock offers a 30-day money-back guarantee where, a cancellation within the initial 30 days of joining will result in a refund of 100%. Users can also receive backups for anything that they might desire to keep before availing a cancellation. The offer of money-back guarantee however, can only be availed once.


It offers its customers an opportunity to avail free VPS backup which in itself is quite alluring. Moreover, if one does not avail this offer, they might have to pay for CodeGuard which is a paid feature.


BigRock gives a Customer Control Panel (CCP) to all its customers. The option of cPanel or Plesk control panel is provided by the company and their distribution depends on the type of hosting purchased by the user.

Following are the disadvantages of BigRock Web Hosting:


The windows server posses half the RAM and there exist absolutely no option unlimited domains, no Varnish, no Softculous and an absence of SSH access. And holistically all this approximately sum up to twice the cost.


It is pretty well laid-out website but the website has been rushed and it is quite evident. The glitches assort from grammatical errors prospering to images encompassing prices in inconsistent currencies. To some extent it raises a question on the professionalism of the website.

BigRock Hosting Monthly Plans

Hosting Facts Shares the BigRock hosting monthly plans. These plans are the cheapest and best ones. These plans include web hosting, cloud hosting, reseller hosting, and dedicated hosting. If you are looking for the same then look at the given plans of BigRock hosting and you can directly visit by clicking the below links.



USD monthly

Best For personal Use



USD monthly

Free SSL Certificate



USD monthly

Free SSL Certificate



USD monthly

2 Free IPs

BigRock Review
BigRock Features and Ease of Use. It offers a complete line of low-cost hosting solutions, including shared web hosting, reseller hosting, VPS and more. Engaging with one of the best data centre locations in the country.


  • Customer Control Panel
  • Free VPS backup
  • Affordable
  • Lowest Price


  • Windows Let-down
  • Confusing Website


  • Speed 4.5/5
  • Customer Support 4.0/5
  • Storage 3.5/5
  • Backup Service 4.5/5


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